Chung Do Kwan International, Inc. offers adults several different programs to choose from; depending on their needs and goals. Grandmaster ParkWe offer classes that are specifically structured for adults who choose an intense workout training program, designed to enhance physical stamina, endurance, tone and firm muscles, and learning the “Traditional Martial Art of Taekwondo.” This is a well formatted class targeting the needs for men, women and young adults. We also offer a combination class, where Mothers and Fathers may train with their children on Saturday mornings. This class provides an excellent way for children and parents to participate in an excellent physical fitness and martial arts training at the same time! Thus, the end result is a bonding between the parent and child. Private lessons (training) is also available upon request to Grandmaster S.J. Park.

BranchSchoolsThe benefits that all adult students receive after a period of training… building a strong, trim, agile body, with improved reflexes, as well as a balanced well focused mind. Self Defense, Security, Self Respect, Self Discipline and a Strong Body and Mind are direct results of the superior training that an adult student receives at Chung Do Kwan International, Inc. Taekwondo. Increased focusing is also a benefit that enhances your performance no only in class, but is very beneficial to be more focused at work; resulting in a higher output of productivity in the workplace. The benefits to adults is unlimited! “The only limit on the adult, is the one they place on themselves.” Come view a traditional class at Chung Do Kwan International, Inc. Taekwondo, and see what we teach and that which may be of benefit to you in your daily life, health and well-being!