Childrens Tae Kwon DoSTRONG CHILD

Build and develop a strong, agile, coordinated and flexible body, with increased speed and accuracy in reaction time. Along with ongoing class attendance, students steadily develop increased endurance, and a feeling of health, strength and well being.

Childrens Tae Kwon DoBRIGHT CHILD

Strong determination, a positive outlook on life, patience, and improved thinking ability are attributes that stems from the student developing knowledge of focusing during training. Being able to focus is paramount in obtaining the goals a child embarks on, or desires to achieve.

Childrens Tae Kwon DoWONDERFUL CHILD

With so many benfits from practicing Taekwondo, the child also develops good social skills, respect, obedience, good manners and personal hygiene. With the integrity that is demonstrated by Grandmaster Sung Jae Park and all instructors, the student quickly learns to be a good friend to others, obedient to parents and teachers; and learns to be a leader of others in kindness and righteousness.