• Your children deserve only the best guidance, influence, and discipline from the best teacher, Grandmaster Sung Jae Park.

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Kid’s Martial Arts

Kid's Martial Arts

Focus & Confidence!

Kids not only will learn martial arts but will gain life long skills while having fun!

Teen’s Martial Arts

Teen's Martial Arts

Get Fit

Martial arts provides a fun way to get in shape, learn self-defense, and get off the couch.

Adult’s Martial Arts

Adult's Martial Arts

Build a strong agile body!

We offer fun classes that are specifically structured for adults who desire an intense workout training regimen.

Located on the Northside of Indianapolis, our school is a traditional Taekwondo school where we emphasize focus, confidence, discipline, and respect along with the best self-defense skills that cultivate coordination, agility, flexibility, strength, and stamina. An important aim of martial arts training is to gain physical fitness and self-defense skills. Practicing techniques and sparring helps to develop proper knowledge and movements. Having manageable goals in learning new techniques and moving up belt levels help bring confidence and a sense of accomplishment in students. Learning how to defend oneself is also an empowering feeling. However, students also learn discipline and respect in taekwondo, and develop positive character traits that can last a lifetime. At our martial arts school, we attempt to cultivate a sound body and sound mind so that students can acquire increased focus and mental clarity.


  • Become a leader, not a follower
  • Meet and exceed my daily challenges
  • Be the best I can be in everything whether at home, work or school

Benefits of TaeKwonDo

  • Master Instructors
  • Confidence
  • Self Esteem
  • Self Defense
  • Academic Enhancement
Kukkiwon Certified 9th Dan & Overseas Advisor

Kukkiwon Certified 9th Dan & Overseas Advisor

World TaeKwonDo Federation (WTF)

World TaeKwonDo Federation (WTF)