Kid's Martial Arts


Summer is here, and that means that across the Indianapolis area, parents will soon be hearing a chorus of “I’m bored!” escaping from their children’s lips. Combating boredom this summer can be both fun and educational when you choose to enroll your child in martial arts classes. Studying martial arts gives your child a chance to grow and develop over the summer by highlighting physical, social, emotional and intellectual skills. While your child is in school, these skills are used and exercised frequently, but during summer break many children fail to maintain some level of growth and development. Avoid the loss of important social skills and improve their focus while keeping them from being bored by enrolling them in martial arts training. Other benefits of studying martial arts include the following below.

Reduced Summer Learning Loss
Boosting your child’s intellectual stimulation over the summer by introducing them to a new activity like martial arts and Tae Kwon Do can help reduce summer learning loss. Enriching your child’s life with an organized activity that challenges them to develop new skills and utilize their working memory can get them ready to return to school focused and ready to learn at the end of summer vacation.

Increased Social Stability
Positive social interaction over the summer helps reduce your child’s back to school anxiety. Martial arts training helps your child develop proper social behaviors during class time. These behaviors then translate to home and school. In fact, children who train in Tae Kwon Do often receive glowing behavior reviews from teachers and other parents because of their increased social stability.

Improved Emotional Stability
Did you know that most children lose self-esteem over the summer? As a result, returning to school in the fall can be stressful and full of anxiety. Many of the fears associated with meeting new teachers, making new friends, and bullying can be dissuaded by allowing your child to participate in activities that strengthen their emotional outlook. Instead of dreading the return to school they will be excited about all the possibilities a new school year has to offer.

Prevent Summer Weight Gain
While it may seem like your children are more active over the summer, the lack of structure and the increase in snacking between meals can lead to unhealthy weight gain. Weight gain among kids happens twice as fast over the summer because they sleep in later, are involved in more sedentary activities, and consume more processed foods.