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Why Martial Arts is Good for the Holidays

The holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah, and New Year’s, are fast approaching, and everybody knows it’s the perfect time to get together with family and friends to enjoy a nice meal — well, multiple meals over the course of a couple of months. Some individuals are able to focus on their health and wellness throughout […]

All Ages Can Benefit From Martial Arts Training

Many believe the martial arts are only for the very young and very fit — but, as research shows, that’s simply not true. People think they’re too old or too out of shape to perform many of the exercises in a typical martial arts program. However, for those seeking a good workout, Tae Kwon Do […]

Why Martial Arts is Good for Women and Girls

Martial arts training like Tae Kwon Do has become one of the most popular activities among all ages and genders. It seems like we have all realized the benefits of how practicing martial arts improves our health. In most cases, training will change your life for the better if you fully commit yourself to it. […]

4 Big Benefits to Training in Taekwondo During COVID-19

Quarantine is a time of change. It’s up to you as parents to define exactly what that change means for you and your family. Keeping your kids active in their martial arts training is beneficial to their mental health during quarantine, as well as keeping their bodies active in a time of social distancing. Benefits […]


Summer is here, and that means that across the Indianapolis area, parents will soon be hearing a chorus of “I’m bored!” escaping from their children’s lips. Combating boredom this summer can be both fun and educational when you choose to enroll your child in martial arts classes. Studying martial arts gives your child a chance […]

What Martial Arts Can Offer Kids With Learning and Attention Issues

There are lots of reasons martial arts can be a good match for kids with learning and attention issues. Here are nine potential benefits: They focus on individual growth, not on team competition. Many kids with learning and attention issues struggle with the pressure of having to compete with other kids. So traditional sports may […]

Martial Arts & Mental Strength

Martial arts, like Tae Kwon Do and Karate, isn’t just an intense physical activity, it is also an exercise of the mind, sharpening focus and improving concentration in you or your child. One of the many benefits of training martial arts is enhanced mental clarity. Not only will martial arts get you or your child […]

Tae Kwon Do & Confidence

Self-confidence is the ability to trust yourself and your abilities. For that, you need to first know what you are capable of physically, mentally, and emotionally. To know this, it is essential that you push your limits on a regular basis to see how much you can take. Pushing yourself just a little bit more […]

Why Martial Arts is Better for Kids than Team Sports

1. Self-Defense This is the number one reason why most people decide to study  martial arts, and Tae Kwon Do or Karate is a great way to learn how to defend yourself. Martial arts teach you the techniques to defend yourself, but also the way to think about defending yourself – anticipate and avoid potential […]

Martial Arts Benefits for Your Child

Martial arts are an ancient method of training your mind, body and spirit to act as one. Martial arts practitioners strive for harmony, but also learn effective  self-defense techniques. Children who get involved in martial arts reap many benefits in several areas of life. Most martial arts originated in Asia and include karate, kung fu, […]